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Adult Beverages- Tumbler Wrap Sublimation Transfers

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20 oz & 30 oz Tumbler Sublimation Transfers 

Sublimation Transfer Wraps: 

  • 20 oz Wrap - 9.6" x 8.35" for straight, not tapered tumblers
  • 30 oz Wrap - 10.3" x 9.6" for straight, skinny tumblers
  • Perfect for vibrant color on Sublimation Treated Tumblers
  • Heat Press or Oven Curing is required for transfer
  • Any white in an image will be clear once pressed. Sublimation printers cannot print white.

PLEASE NOTE: We have detailed information on sizing listed below. Please BE SURE of the size you are purchasing as we will NO LONGER be offering refunds! We are trying to provide all of the information possible on sizing to help you decide before purchase. Again, all of our images are printed to order. We will no longer be able to refund products for purchasing the wrong size.

ALL APPLICATION GUIDELINES ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY! We sell transfers and can answer general questions but we do not "teach" anyone how to use our transfers. They are intended for purchase by those who are already familiar with the process. Google has a wealth of information online so please watch videos or learn before attempting.

There are two types of Plastisol Screen Print Transfers

  • Rough Feel Ink (on the sheet)
  • Smooth Feel Ink (on the sheet)

The difference is the curing mixture applied by the manufactuer.

BOTH TYPES are permanent with excellent life span and apply to Cotton, Poly and Blends.

Rough Feel Ink Application:

  • 325 degrees
  • 7-10 seconds
  • Heavy Pressure

Smooth Feel Ink Application:

  • 375-385 degrees
  • 10-12 seconds
  • Heavy Pressure

Tips & Tricks:

  • NEVER use a teflon or cover sheet over the image while pressing. This will disburse some of the heat distribution. 
  • The more pressure, the better! If you experience any cracking of the the transfer after wash, this is generally due to lower pressure while applying. Heavy pressure is fundamental for curing the ink into the material of your shirt.
  • After pressing, quickly work to remove the paper using a smooth, slower motion and watching for lifting. IF any lifting is noticed, quickly recover and press a few more seconds with higher pressure. You don't want the transfer to cool off any so working fast to repress is important!